Cleopatra Online oriental Slot

Investigate old Egypt whenever you investigate Cleopatra, the twenty gain series slot game with a lot of thrilling capabilities. Cleopatra is a favorite on-line slot printer that had been initially a traditional within Las Vegas casinos. The internet variant of Cleopatra attributes amazing visuals, audio along with a good extra round option. slot online

As you’d anticipate, the scorching characteristic will be the Cleopatra extra round itself! This will likely achieve underway after the Sphinx symbols show up on 3 and up reels within every placement. The greater number of reels it seems like on, the more I like them suitable for you when the multiplier length is going to be bigger.

This’s a favorite oriental slot game offered by Sky Vegas as well as due to this specific the website has set in motion Cleopatra two which happens to be an adhere to on as a result of the initial. The game is equally as great with the exact same amount of gain collections readily available and also the Sphinx sign is also the anyone to watch out there for to be able to bring about the extra round. This particular totally free spin extra round might actually operate in the favour of yours because you might possibly have an enormous level of complimentary rotates to support you tally upwards the winning funds quantities! The multiplier functionality is additionally a huge aspect in the Cleopatra two game as well as may severely increase the winnings of yours.

Among the variations in between the 2 gaming systems is the fact that the first Cleopatra is played in pence and excess weight whereas Cleopatra two is within credits though it does not capture long to become used to therefore do not allow that to write you off of in any way. For equally video games it’s no less than five (pence or credits) you are able to perform a gain series along with which bit, you may possibly gain quite big…it just requires a single spin of all of the reels!

Cleopatra is simply among the many slot devices coming from Las Vegas casinos to become converted in to an internet slot. Wagerworks casinos including Sky Vegas along with Virgin have titles such as Monopoly and also Da Vinci Diamonds.


Hindari Kendala Download Aplikasi Poker Terbaik

Bagi kalian yang download aplikasi poker terbaik dan sering mengalami kegagalan. Kalian harus menghindari beberapa kendala yang sering dilakukan pengguna pada saat download aplikasi poker terbaik tersebut. dengan kalian mengetahui segala kendala yang dilakukan tentu membuat kalian semakin paham, apa saja yang harus kalian perbaiki dalam proses download poker tersebut sehingga dapat menghindari kegagalan dalam download poker tersebut tentunya. jika kalian tidak teliti dan tidak memperhatikan hal yang sering terjadi kendala maka kalian akan mengalami kegagalan yang sama pada saat kalian download aplikasi poker itu tentunya. pada dasarnya, aplikasi poker mudah untuk kalian download, hanya saja terdapat keteledoran yang biasa dilakukan oleh pengguna sehingga berakibat pada kegagalan saat download aplikasi. Ikuti setiap langkah yang terdapat pada aplikasi tersebut agar kalian dapat mengikuti langkah tersebut dengan baik dan tidak terjadi kendala lagi tentunya, poker 1001 deposit.


Cek Versi Android Pada Smartphone

Ini merupakan kendala yang juga cukup sering dilakukan, mengapa kalian harus cek versi android pada smartphone kalian? iya, karena memang tidak semua versi android mendukung aplikasi poker tersebut. sehingga kalian memang perlu cek versi android yang kalian miliki sehingga kalian bisa tahu apakah versi android yang kalian gunakan mendukung aplikasi yang akan kalian download tersebut atau tidak. Dengan kalian mengetahui hal ini tentu kalian dapat menghindari kendala ini agar kalian tidak mengalami kegagalan saat download aplikasi tersebut. kalian tak perlu khawatir sebab tidak bisanya android kalian untuk mendukung aplikasi poker bukan berarti android kalian dalam keadaan rusak, namun memang ada beberapa versi android yang memang belum mendukung aplikasi tertentu. Ini hanya sebagian saja, masih banyak versi android yang bisa mendukung aplikasi tersebut tentunya.


Cek Memori Pada Smartphone

Hal ini juga merupakan kendala yang lumayan sering dilakukan para pengguna.  Sebab pengguna memang kurang memperhatikan segala sesuatunya sehingga terhindar dari kegagalan dalam download aplikasi poker tersebut tentunya. jika memori dalam keadaan penuh tentu dapat dipastikan bahwa memori tersebut tidak mampu menampung aplikasi yang sedang kalian download tersebut. maka hal ini memang merupakan hal yang harus menjadi perhatian kalian sebelum download aplikasi poker tersebut. jika kalian tidak cek terlebih dahulu tentu terjadi kegagalan jika memang keadaan memori kalian penuh.


Apk Aplikasi Hilang Atau Rusak

Terkadang juga ada kegagalan download dikarenakan apk pada aplikasi tersebut hilang atau rusak sehingga memang berkas pada aplikasi yang akan kalian download tersebut tidak dapat kalian gunakan tentunya. hal ini tent dapat kalian hindari, kalian harus cek apk pada aplikasi tersebut. jika kalian memilih aplikasi poker terbaik, tentu hal ini tidak akan terjadi sebab memang kualitas pada aplikasi tersebut memang sudah terjamin. Biasanya kendala semacam ini terjadi pada aplikasi yang abal-abal.


Kuota Internet Atau Sinyal Tidak Mendukung

Ini juga salah satu dari kendala yang sering kali mengganggu saat kalian melakukan download aplikasi poker tersebut. sebab hal ini biasanya sering diabaikan oleh pengguna. Padahal ini sangat penting untuk kalian perhatikan sebab menyangkut pada kelancaran download yang sedang kalian lakukan tersebut. sebab setiap keberhasilan dalam download aplikasi juga ada peran penting dari sinyal maupun kuota yang kalian miliki.

Menghindari segala kendala saat download aplikasi poker terbaik memang sangat perlu dilakukan, sehingga tidak ada lagi kegagalan selanjutnya. Dan kalian juga dapat dengan mudah menikmati aplikasi tersebut tentunya.




7 Enticing Ways To Improve Your Sports Betting Skills

To begin with, I am going to assume if you are making a sports wager or betting on a sports game you are doing it somewhere legal (i.e. Las Vegas, or some other place that legally accepts sports wagers). I know that is the only place I make any of my sports wagers. If you are making sports wagers illegally, I’d advise against it, and request that you follow the rules. Enough said about that.

If you are like me, and enjoy making the occasional sports wager (college basketball and college football are my favorite sports to bet on), then you know how hard it is to actually win money. In some cases, it seems like the people that set the sports lines can see into the future and know exactly how many points a team is going to win or lose by. It is uncanny how often a 3 point favorite wins by 4 or loses by 2 – absolutely uncanny. With that being said, however, I would have to guess that if they weren’t that good 토토사이트 there wouldn’t be a market for sports betting – everyone would be winning and those taking the wagers would be out of business.

If you are new to sports betting, one of the first things you will notice are all of the different types of bets you can make. There are the two traditional bets, called the “money line” and the “spread.” The money line is a bet where you just pick a team to win. Based on the determined likelihood of that team to win, the odds are adjusted accordingly. For example, a team that is expected to win fairly easily may pay out at odds of 1/10, meaning you would have to pay $10 to win $1. This is perhaps the easiest bet to win, although as you might expect, the payout isn’t very good (unless you pick the underdog to win, which in my example would have paid $10 for a $1 bet).

Betting against the spread is probably the most common form of sports betting. In this case, the odds makers attempt to determine a number of points that will make the game fair. This means that a very bad team will get a lot of points “given” to them to make the game more fair. What you are betting on is which team will “beat” the spread. Here’s an example: let’s say a good team is playing a bad team and the odds makers believe the good team is 15 points better than the bad team. They would set the spread at 15 points, meaning the good team would have to win by 16 or more points for you to win if you bet on them, or the losing team would have to lose by 14 points or less if you bet on them. If the good team wins by 15, it is a tie, and you’d get your money back.

7 Little Known Ways To Make The Most Out Of Click Funnel

Ready to start building out your sales funnels? I find that a lot of people are just lost when it comes to building out their funnels. There are a few things you need before you can get started. Here are some of the most popular options when it comes to putting together both free and paid funnels:

Lead Pages-when it comes to building opt-in pages, LeadPages.net is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. They’ve tracked and tested a variety of page styles to determine which ones convert best, and they make it easy for you to build similar pages for your marketing funnel. The reason people like LeadPages is because it has a drag and drop feature that makes building your opt-in pages a clickfunnels stripe coupon breeze. It does come with a fee of $25/month if you pay annually.So before investing, you’ll want to be sure you can recoup your investment.

I also recommend OptimizePress which is another landing page builder. With OptimizePress you pay a one time fee of $97 and it is yours for the year. No monthly payments. You do have to renew it annually but the renewal fee is only $34. OptimizePress has opt-in pages, webinar pages, thank you pages and is easy to work with just like Lead Pages. It’s a choice that you have to make financially and which one works for you the best.

Instabuilder-similar to LeadPages, but without the monthly investment. Instabuilder is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create your own funnels. It includes several funnel templates and a drag-and-drop page builder that makes it easy to get just the look you want.

AWeber- When it comes to an email marketing management system, I choose Aweber. It’s probably the easiest email manager on the market today, Aweber is the choice for many small business owners, not only because it’s simple to use, but because it’s also economical. Starting at less than $20 per month for up to 500 subscribers, Aweber offers both autoresponders and broadcast emails, list automation, and segmenting, so you can send emails exactly when-and to whom-you want to add to your sales pipeline.

Click Funnels- With a click of a button you can easily build and create different types of sales funnels, opt-in funnels, webinar funnels, membership sites and so much more. Click funnels integrates with your shopping cart, CRM and Email Autoresponder. Click Funnels has a 14 day free trial and after the trial you pay $97 monthly.

Knowledge Base Software – Today’s Customer Service Solution

A successful company takes care of its customers. Perhaps large corporations can escape unscathed from a public relations disaster but regular businesses rely on a good standing with the people who pay for their services. The relationship that a customer and a business establish is like a handshake. Contracts might not cover every imaginable scenario so a company needs to convey a sense of trust if it wants to win shares in its market. Winning this trust lies in providing strong and dependable customer service. While companies don’t need a continuous whirlwind of departmental remodeling, a streamlining of customer service management can dramatically improve a company’s customer relations standing and maximize ROI.

The core of any customer service portal is the company’s knowledge base. Everyday a company creates knowledge – whether it is information about new products or services, a reiteration of old content that has been expanded and improved, tweets, Facebook updates, other social news – companies thrive by creating and sharing information. What makes a knowledge base distinct is that it’s not common knowledge; that is, it is knowledge that is native to the business that created it. Years worth of expert knowledge has gone into developing product documentation, customer service policies, FAQ’s, white papers, articles. This knowledge base is akin to an encyclopedia or a guide book to what the company was, is and aspires to be. This knowledge is vital to the customers and the employees anytime a question arises about any facet of the company.

The key to a making successful knowledge กระเบื้อง ปู พื้น ภายนอก is providing easy access to the information. A company that is able to quickly connect its customers and employees with information when they need it can quickly and efficiently answer questions. It might be obvious, but having the right information at the right time leads to better decisions. The telegraph, the telephone, the internet have all attempted to make it easier to connect people with answers. Modern knowledge web-base applications are an example of such innovation.

A knowledge base application theoretically empowers customers to find answers on their own, thereby allowing faster results for them and improved efficiency for the company. Companies that rely on knowledge base software to support their employees and customers are continuously looking for ways to streamline the process and always face the same challenges: how to make the knowledge base application more efficient and intuitive while reducing costs.

Selecting knowledge base software for streamlining your customer service requires some thinking. There are dozens of applications that offer ways to simplify access to a company’s knowledge. Most do not achieve the optimal simplicity that customers require and blindly follow industry standards like nested folders, keyword search, etc. – features that standardize instead of innovating. Look for an application that will solve the specific needs of your business. I recommend web-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) applications as they are able to seamlessly scale, upgrade, expand, and cater to the needs of their customer.

Golf Game Tips for Those Obsessed with Improving Your Golf

Golf is a great game. It is one of the only games that you can play and enjoy at just about any age. It is a game for all ages.

Just like anything, it is much more enjoyable when you are playing better golf. However, if you are not playing as you well as you would like (and who really is?), it is difficult to find real, useable tips for improving golf skills. There are so many places that want to sell golf swing tips online….how do you tell where to start? The bottom line is that if you are looking for beginner golf tips or you are closer to golf Tiger Woods style, there are 4 areas that you need to focus on.

1. Be Physically Fit. Golf may not seem like a physical game. Carts have even taken the walking out of the game on most courses. Golf Clash Hack Don’t be deceived. You must have physical stamina if you are going to have a better golf game. Many times players will start strong, only to fade on the last few holes as their swing gets loose, and fatigue sets in. One of the best ways to consistently have a better golf game is to be physically fit enough to finish your round without getting fatigued.

2. Be Mentally Prepared. In order to start playing better golf, you must be mentally in the game from start to finish. It is good to prepare physically and mentally before each round on the practice range and putting green. While on the range, think about the driving tips that you have learned and make a deliberate effort to work on them. The same goes for the putting green…take all of the tips for putting that you know and work on them. This helps get your mind ready to manage your game and the course. Be deliberate in your practice…it leads to better scores.

3. Your Golf Equipment. Wow…there are so many options when it comes to golf equipment. Many of them are expensive and few of them work miracles. Golf clubs are important to your game…there is no denying that. A good set of clubs can make several strokes difference in your score. Clubs today are more forgiving and help you hit the ball further than clubs of the past. In order to buy the best clubs for your game for the least amount of money, consider buying a factory reconditioned set of used clubs. Many companies offer used clubs that have been tested (adjusted) to make sure the shafts are good, the golf club grips are new, the loft and lie are correct. These used clubs can save you hundreds of dollars. There are many places you can go to find reviews of golf clubs to help you decide what best fits your game. Golf shoes are also important. It does not matter if you like the look of a classic golf shoes or the more athletic golf shoes, the main concerns are getting a good firm foundation (no slipping) for your swing and finding shoes that can go 18 or 36 golf holes without hurting your feet.

Online Betting – The Following Factors

Isn’t it a great opportunity to earn money? Previously, there were security problems, but with the latest cryptographic techniques, these have been sorted out. It was difficult to identify genuine online betting websites from fake ones. We were unsure as to the security measures adopted by these online betting sites because if you had to give your credit card number, there was always a danger that someone would sneak in.Though the security measures are now much effective, it is still imperative that we exercise caution so that we do not fall prey to such attackers. New online players are hooked by such attackers and lose out their money.

Unauthentic sites
There are websites which are temporarily created and this attacker picks up money from the players. When the credit card information is keyed in, the message is directly passed on the hooker and all the sagamingbet money is gone. These deceitful transactions take place and hence it is important to double check the website before giving any personal details like Bank account number, credit card number etc.Check out the genuineness of the websites from the search engine. Unreal websites are tracked immediately and brought into light by the search engine. You could get to read the comments posted by many people who have lost their money to such online betting sites.

Inadequate security
The website may be genuine but it may be lacking in a good security system. Get to know about it from their “About” page and if you do not find anything comforting, skip the website. Stick to names you know and avoid the shady ones.

Attractive odds
The scammer will ensure setting up an attractive website which offers bold offers for
online betting. The scammer either keeps the entire betting amount to himself or passes it on to genuine online betting websites for a lesser amount and in the bargain makes a profit. To be on the safer side, it is advised that your online bets be placed directly with the betting websites and not third parties.

Desert Safari in Rajasthan

The safari closes with the smoking of the Shisha Arabian water pipe and a hip twirling display. For six fervor stuffed hours explorers are moved into the universe of the desert and afterward securely came quad biking to the city for the awesome nightlife Dubai brings to the table.

For the really courageous there is a medium-term campaign into the desert. This outing will leave the downtown between 3:00 p.m. also, 4:00 p.m. what’s more, return the following morning at 9:00 a.m. During the seventeen hours in the desert sightseers are blessed to receive an entire host of exercises. From the sensational desert nightfalls to the invigorating dawn in the first part of the day these are activity stuffed long stretches of fun. Included exercises are ridge slamming, camel riding, sand boarding, quad biking (extra charges may apply), a night Bar-B-Que, henna painting, hip twirling, evening exercises and a morning meal in the first part of the day. Tidbits are given all through the excursion just as a camping bed and covers for the medium-term remain. The Shisha is offered for those looking for the customary Hubblee Bubblee experience of the water pipe.

The city of Dubai is surprisingly excellent just as astounding area that has various things to offer to various guests. Along these lines, on the off chance that somebody needs to a lot of gigantic just as dazzling design and milestones, at that point they can visit the city. The city likewise offers voyagers to investigate the wild connected with the spot as the desert trip.

This excursion is additionally known by the name of “Rise slamming” and here visitors will investigate the spot with a vehicle. This has gotten one of the significant attractions of the city and vacationers will make some shock perspective on the spot alongside other incredible things like scrumptious cooking, camel riding, hip twirl, and so forth. Along these lines, this spot will serve to be an incredible encounter to a visitor who will appreciate it altogether.

What is the desert safari?

This desert visit is one of those couple of things which a traveler can’t and should not miss on the off chance that they are visiting the city. In this outing, sightseers will dive deep in the desert and experience the tremendous wild just as wonderful areas. The best desert safari in Dubai will in general utilize entirely cool vehicles like SUVs and different vehicles for working around here. In such a visit clients can hope to get an authorized, sheltered just as expert condition. These outings are very energizing, and a guest will have the option to see the crude excellence of the spot.

A visitor who will go on to such a desert excursions can appreciate different viewpoints identified with them, for example, a BBQ Dinner, Dune Safari, Overnight desert safari, and so forth. Such outings are very energizing and this will take sightseers along the grand sand rises.

Things An Android Developer Must Consider For Successful Android Apps

Android, an OS by Google, has become the favorite of both the developers and the consumers, due to its unparalleled flexibility. It even boost an array of features that greatly enhances end users smart phone experience.

Today, Android phones are being sold like hot cakes in the market, giving a stiff competition to iPhone’s. Android supports development of all sorts of applications ranging from business to health to travel to entertainment and such. This offers Android developers a lucrative opportunity to enrich their skills for Android apps development by developing apps for a range of categories.

Here is a list of things that every Android developer need to take into account to make sure that the app developed is best in terms of quality, functionality and utility.

Learning Fundamentals & Polishing Your Skills

It is very essential to have knowledge of SQL basics in order to develop robust and functional Android Apps. To become an Android app developer you need to keep yourself updated and aware about the latest https://application-partners.com/mobile-tracker/ trends as well as the tools and technologies and learn how to use them to create interactive Android apps. For this, you can refer to Android blogs, forums, online tutorials and more, to learn new tips and tricks.

Devise A Strategy Beforehand

Like any other platform Android also defines a clear life cycle that needs to be followed to develop quality Android Apps. Right from the beginning you should have a clear idea of what kind of app you want, how it should perform, the functionality it should incorporate etc. This will help you save time which you can effectively use for your apps marketing and promotion.

Rigorous Testing of Your Android Apps For Flaws

Testing is a very crucial step of Android apps development life cycle for an app, be it large or small. Google Play doesn’t have any stringent rules for apps submission, as its important for an Android developer to thoroughly test the app, as to ensure that they perform well on the Android devices and
doesn’t fail to meet the expectations of the users. A faulty app is sure to leave a bad impression on the minds of the users and will think twice before downloading and developed by you.

Breaking Down Large Applications into Small Chunks

As a programmer, you need to work on project of different industry verticals with varying degree of complexity. In such cases, it is always advisable to fragment the large applications into smaller and manageable pieces that can be handled with ease. This will make it easy for you to code the apps, fast loading of apps, consume minimum resources while saving your valuable time.

Last but not the least, never doubt your abilities. If you are confident enough of your capabilities, all you need is to put into work along with your creativity, to develop a unique, feature-rich and user-friendly app.

Body Art Tattoo – The Good and the Bad

Having a body art tattoo is pleasing to look at and can be a source of attention for the one who is sporting it. This is especially true that’s why it is often availed to by people who want to gain attention like thespians, athletes and musicians. However, attention can be either positive or negative and in the case of tattoos, mostly negative. This is why having tattoos are discouraged by many people even though the idea of it is fast becoming more and more popular.

The negative attention behind having tattoos was greatly influenced by the fact that it mostly associated with criminality and bad behavior. It is a common practice for gangs to sport a specific type of body art tattoo as a symbol of membership and identification. It is a common sight in prisons where jailed criminals get tattoos to signify the criminal acts that they have done. This is why persons with many tattoos are easily associated with serious criminals who have lived a life that is full of crime and misdeeds.

Aside from these, tattoos are also link with people who spends most of their lives at sea. Remember “Popeye the sailor man” with his famous anchor tattoo? Being a sailor is just one of the many professions that regard tattoo as a mau hinh xam phuong hoang lua dep kin lung tay cho nam common practice and tradition. Others include soldiers and circus workers. This is why parents who don’t want their children to be associated with these professions often smirk at the sight of even the simplest and most innocent – looking tattoo.

No matter what the reasons behind having a body art tattoo are, the important thing is that it is used as a medium of self – expression. Hopefully, as time goes by it will be accepted ultimately by everyone in the world.

Win the Lottery Instantly – What You Must Know

When showcasing group chooses to advance their new item in showcase then they attempt to pick the best thought for notice. They center around open interests and attempt to pull in individuals towards characteristics of item so shoppers can without much of a stretch make their brain to get it. Likewise your activity postings must be alluring and connecting토토사이트 with the goal that activity searcher can discover something great about your organization and can settle on choice to be a candidate soon. The individuals who need to pull in extremely superior workers need to make elevated level employment postings and offer your disposition through occupation advertisements. The way of life of work environment and obligations of employment profile must be very much depicted alongside expected aptitudes with the goal that lone appropriate up-and-comers can present their applications for meet.

At the point when your activity promotions are not very much overseen then resume investigation additionally turns out to be very troublesome on the grounds that you will presumably get a wide range of resumes as candidates are not ready to land right data about position profile so they will send applications aimlessly. It is imperative to rival different organizations in showcase even while enlisting experts for you, the procedure must be same as selling an item against contenders. On the off chance that you neglect to promote in the two cases, the outcomes will be undesirable and execution will go low.

Want to utilize right language alongside extraordinary culture, set a few benchmarks according to your organization and post work notice while keeping up your pride. The activity searcher will accompany a similar mentality and it will turn out to be a lot simpler for you to do last choice.

There are still a few things in this world that machines and mechanization can’t accomplish. Apparatuses have for most part removed arduousness from occupations in workplaces and homes, however what drives organizations is as yet the human personality. That is the motivation behind why there is sharp challenge to employ the best cerebrums. Employing the correct staff is generally depended with the Human Resources office.

Dealing with a Layoff in Your Job History

If you look at the history of employees, you’ll see that they change companies every few years or so. They simply don’t work at the same company for years and years anymore. Many times, they are often forced to find a new job due to downsizing or a company layoff. In fact, with so much economic uncertainty, there is a strong possibility that anyone can be laid off at any time. Whether the layoff ranges from a couple of months to a couple of years, you have to be prepared. You have to learn how to deal with Look alike modeling it and how to explain it to future employees. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how you can deal with this unfortunate but common issue.

Layoffs and Résumés

First off all, you have to realize that layoffs happen and they are not something to be ashamed of. If you’ve been laid off in the past, you can’t hold your head in the sand. You have to use the experience as a learning opportunity and realize that everything happens for a reason. In essence, you have to begin again.

Second, you shouldn’t hide the fact that you’ve been laid off in your resume. A gap due to a layoff does not take anything away from your experience and capabilities. Although some people may look at this negatively, most won’t and will rather concentrate on your stellar work history and unique qualifications. If you run into a company that does not understand that layoffs happen and aren’t willing to look past this fact, then you likely don’t want to work with this company anyway!

Third, be creative about the layoff and put a positive spin on it, if possible. For instance, if your past position was terminated, you don’t have to say on your resume “Job terminated.” Instead you can say that you worked for XYZ Company for X amount of years and leave it at that. You should then fill in any time gaps with any freelance, consulting, volunteer or part time work that you completed during your layoff period. If you don’t have any such experience, don’t make it up. Simply leave time gaps and you can explain it later.

Fourth, always highlights the positives in your resume. For instance, make sure that you strategically mention your achievements, skills, accomplishments and experience. Talk about the skills and you gained and any awards that you previously won. Mention any accolades that were administered by past supervisors, etc. The key here is to be honest and not exaggerate. After all, recruiters and prospective employers do verify facts before offering you a job so it is to your advantage to be truthful.

Fifth, be open and receptive to discussing the situation during the interview. Never be embarrassed to discuss what happened. However, you should always talk about your employer in a positive way. For instance, say, “Yes, I was laid off due to a termination but I learned so much during my X years of work there. I improved my analytical skills tremendously and know that I’ll be a great asset to your firm now. ”

Sixth, if you have some reservations about not mentioning the termination in your resume, you can also briefly address any gaps in your cover letter. Although you shouldn’t take up valuable space cluttering up your résumé with an explanation, you can briefly explain the situation and move on. Be careful not to ramble however. Instead “keep it short smartie” and leave the impression that you would be willing to talk it over during the interview.