Tips to Consider While Testing The Mobile Applications

From last few years there has been paradigm shift in the technology. Mobiles have become the small PC’s where all the information and applications can be accessed. Users can use these mobile phones to shop, bank or anything else. With just one click on the mobile device users can search a lot. Everyday new applications are also launched which makes handheld devices more interesting. In order to launch any mobile application on the device it becomes very important to test it from the end user perspective. In information technology sector mobile application testing has gained lot of popularity. Now majority of the applications are tested before they are launch on the mobile or any other device. Mobile application testing helps the developers to know about the problems which the consumer may face while accessing the applications. As there are numerous mobile devices in the market due to which it becomes necessary to check the compatibility of the applications on all of them. Mobile application testing not only tests the compatibility but also the functionality and usability. Even the performance testing is all done to know the stress, load etc. It also helps to reduce the operational cost. There are many companies that are especially for testing the mobile applications. According to the application requirement they do the testing. It also helps to resolve the bugs instantly so that customer does not have to face any problem while using it. The testing should be done on the real handsets available in the market.

Before testing the applications on real handsets following points need to be considered:

Mobile Devices: The main point while testing any application comes in mind is that on which device it should be tested. So it becomes important to test on various devices as they contain different operating systems, hardware structures etc. It should not only be tested on the latest device rather on also the existing devices.

Real devices are very expensive: Smartphone’s available in the market are quite expensive due to which becomes difficult for the normal man to purchase it. Many handset manufacturers offer the devices only for testing purpose so developers can sign the contracts for them. They provide mobile devices for just testing.

Network Providers: As there are numerous network providers so it becomes necessary to check the mobile applications on all the providers at different signal strengths. It will tell the performance of the applications.

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